Best Heart Touching Poetry in English 2 Lines_ Sad Quotes


One Day You Miss Me.

But I Will Not Be There.

One Day You Miss Me Like I Missed You.

But Trust Me It Will Be Too Late.

I’m Something You’re Regret Losing,

I Can Promise You That Much.

It’s Ok To Feel Sad Sometimes.

We Always Have Good And Bad Days.

In Life

What you Really Want.

Will Never Come Easy. 

Please Remember That You Are Not Alone.

We Are Always Here For You.

Time Was Never In The Middle Was Entertained

Not Entertaining.

A Small Misunderstanding Can Break Two Loveable Hearts Very Easily.

My Heart Aches With A Thousand Pains,

As I See You Walk Away With No Remains.

We Are All So Different,

And Yet So Much The Same.

Everyone, In Some Way Or Another,

Will Experience A Kind Of Pain.

Everybody Has Things 

They Wish Not To Recall.

Into Each Life 

Some Rain Must Fall.

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