Hazaru Khawaishain Aisi Ke Har Khawahish Par Dum Nikle By Mirrza Galib Urdu Hindi Poetry With English Translation


Mirza Ghalib, a renowned Urdu and Persian poet from the Mughal era, left behind a treasure trove of beautiful and profound poetry. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the absolute best, here are a few verses that showcase his talent and the depth of his poetry:
“Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish par dum nikle,

Bahot Nikkle Mere Armaan Phir Bhi Bhut Kum Nikle

(Thousands of desires, each so intense that it takes my breath away,
Many desires I’ve had, yet they seem so few in the fray.)
“Dil hi to hai na sang-o-khisht, dard se bhar na aaye kyun,
Royenge hum hazaar baar, koee hamein sataaye kyun.
(It’s just a heart, not made of stone or brick, so why doesn’t it fill with pain?

I’ll cry a thousand times; why does someone keep tormenting me in vain?
“Qana’at na kar Alam-e-rang-o-bu par, chaman bech de,
Kya guzre ga hamein ‘Ghalib’ aapke diwan se.
(Do not be content with the world of color and scent; sell the garden,
‘Ghalib,’ what will be left for us in your world of poetry?)
These verses capture Ghalib’s mastery of language, his ability to convey complex emotions, and his deep philosophical ponderings.
Ghalib’s poetry is known for its intricate wordplay, metaphors, and timeless themes of love, longing, and the human condition. It continues to inspire and resonate with people around the world.

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